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My Story

Not much of an electronics whiz, I mostly dabble with code and computer parts. My TTN nodes - which I love to see in action, blinking lights and tangled wires and all - need REALLY clear build instructions, or I just can't follow. I also really appreciate having this community to go to when I have questions, or something to show & share 🤗


🎯 Goals

Short term: make the lights blink! Long term: make your projects famous, and our platforms awesome for people who tinker with open hardware and support open networks and data all over the world.

Personal log

Created an app!

3 months ago

I joined to help out ~ 5 minutes before the deadline >_< and mostly helped with slides outlining the various tracks people have worked on.

2 years ago

Calling all lounge lizards ! 🦎

2 years ago