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Repo for the badge, hardware, software and examples.

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You can find all the specifications of the MakeZurich 2023 Badge here:



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Our combined knowledge and scripts for making the most of the #MakeZurich 2023 Badge

#MakeZurich 2023 Badge



  • Adafruit Feather LiPo circuit


  • LoRa E5
  • Shitty Addon
  • Cover connectors
  • Grove connectors



LoRa E5


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"Badge" 2022-09-20 Tillo 20220920183855 Cochin true 2
"Badge" 2023-04-24 Fede ? Cochin true 2
"Badge" 2023-05-12 Fede ? Cochin true 2
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12.06.2023 07:53 ~ tillo_bosshart

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12.06.2023 07:49 ~ loleg

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10.06.2023 16:00

removing unused PDF exports of individual layout layers (@Fede85)

cover: adding PDFs schematic & layout (@Fede85)

badge: updating PDF layout (@Fede85)

cover: adding nametag cover (@Fede85)

updating make zurich logo size (@Fede85)

badge: improving bottomo slick (@Fede85)



Add pinout.

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02.06.2023 09:00
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