Use your own renewable power plant at home

Produce renewable energy for your router, laptop or any usb-c device backed up by the grid. No battery needed. No hassle.


The goal is to reduce power consumption from the grid, to get more autonom power and profit from renewable energy also in your rental home.

It should be eas to use and have no battery, which needs proper handling.


Build an electronic device, to which a solar module and/or a small wind turbine can be connected. The device would also be connected to the power grid, to also provide power duringnight or sunless days.

The output would be an usb-c with which you can power your computer when working during the day, charging your devices or any other usb-c device. Maybe there's also a power connector for your wifi router.

The electronic device would prioritize the reneweable energy, but if this wouldn't be enough, the backup from the power grid gradually kicks in. Ideally the standby power used from the grid is as low as possible.

A display shows the current status, how much power is consumed from which source.

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