Less crowded

public transportation

The problem

Angry customers due to crowded buses and trolleys. Expensive and outdated technology for people count Delay in data reception ( no real-time data)

Friday morning about 4 approaches were discussed and on three decided:

  • Laser: Laser barrier for counting people.
  • Vision: Face recognition for counting people.
  • Bluetooth: Counting the cellphones in a tram.
  • Pressure: Measuring the weight of people in a bus.

Application 1

Counting people with laser beam

Application 2

Counting people by recognising bodys

Application 3

Counting people by counting Bluetooth devices

Next steps

  • Only count smartphones by filtering the MAC-addresses
  • Filter noise (people outside the vehicle)
  • Calibrate range of bluetooth-sensor
  • Count only devices that stay for more than one stop
  • Find the right spot in the vehicle to place the sensor
  • Map deviceid and timestamp with actual vehicle timetable information (in backend)



Francesca, Dorottya, Vijay, Patrick, Daniele, Jürg, Andres, David, Tobias, Gabriel, Robert, Marco

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