A #MakeZurich hack

A project started at MakeZurich, sends average sound level to a device on The Things Network.

Let's measure the ambient level of coworking spaces (like the Impact Hub, where we started this project..), help folks find the quietest or loudest place to plug in!

This Arduino code averages the input from a digital sound sensor, and sends it to TTN at customisable rates.

After deploying the device, use this Payload Function to decode the data into JSON:

function Decoder(bytes, port) {
  var decoded = {};
  if (port === 1) decoded.level = (bytes[0] << 8) + bytes[1];
  return decoded;

Full documentation on the LM386 can be found at

As a stretch project, it could be fun to correlate the more detailed data to the soundtrack histograms of the demos we played.

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Nightlife noise

Nightlife and its noise are highly contentious topics in our city. With civic tech and LoRaWAN we could gather and publish open data to allow to objectively quantify noise levels in nightlife areas.

Provided by Sicherheitsdepartement Stadt Zürich

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