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A companion that helps you make more energy efficient decisions in online shopping.

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roman.burkard at gmail.com

This project was created within 2 days at the Marke Zurich Hackathon 2023. It was renamed to EWZ Companion as we worked more towards a clear solution :)

It was built using the boilerplate chrome extension tool: https://github.com/lxieyang/chrome-extension-boilerplate-react

For the first MVP we used data from www.topten.ch, could be extended with: https://eprel.ec.europa.eu/screen/product/refrigeratingappliances2019

  1. Install node > version 18
  2. Because of an open hot reload issue in the library I was using you need to launch directly in prod mode
  3. Run chrome extension with: NODE_ENV=production npm run build
  4. Load extension in chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/mv3/getstarted/development-basics/#load-unpacked
  5. Test it on the following URL as detecting a product is hardcoded: https://www.fust.ch/de/search.html?searchtext=k%C3%BChlschrank


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