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Use Data from EWZ Smart-Meters to make consumers aware of their energy consumption

Make consumers aware of their energy consumption @home by providing them with current and historical data (consumed energy, peak times, costs)

  • fetch data from new EWZ Smartmeters that are currently getting rolled out
    • acquire data either locally (via Wireless MBUS, IR interface (DSMR), etc) or...
    • via EWZ cloud (if there's such a thing)
  • in case of local data acquisition - transport data to the consumer (LoraWAN, WiFi)
  • build an integration for a smart-home application (Home-Assistant, openHAB) or write a WebApp visualizing energy data

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10.06.2023 16:00

Hey, we have a similar idea and will probably go for a camera based reader, which could be used on any meter, see Maybe we can join efforts.

08.06.2023 13:53 ~ 2ni

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08.06.2023 10:59 ~ mma

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08.06.2023 10:48 ~ mma

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02.06.2023 09:00
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