Bleep as a Service

Exploring ways to bring sound to the people

Implement a video conferencing solution allowing random people on the interwebz to instruct the operator of an analog, modular synthesizer at Bitwäscherei which cables to plug and which knobs to turn.

Enjoy the lovely results together.

Add some LoRa or BT stuff if need be.

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bleep as a service

Exploring ways to bring bleep to the people in this dark ages of COVID-19

Will probably be in the wild during rC3

Idea so far

  • A RasPi livestreaming modular synth.
    • The RasPi is connected over a MIDI interface with the synth.
    • (Optional: The RasPi is connected to a DMX interface for some lightning).
    • (Optional: The RasPi is connected over OPC to a LED matrix).
  • Any user can send requests to change some of the CV values.
    • Requests can either be sent over LoRaWAN, Telegrambot, Twitterbot.
    • During some times it will also be possible to call and ask a human operator to turn some knobs.
    • (Optional: Use Bluetooth from nearby to change some values).
  • The RasPi processes the requests using n8n or node-red and sends the new values over the connected digital interfaces.

Material so far

  • 1x NerdSeq with IO Expander
    • should give 6 MIDI channels with CV, Gate and Mod each.
    • Has a SEGA controller port (this calls for cool hacks)
  • Bunch of modules
  • RasPi
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Camera (RasPi or Webcam)

What's done so far

  • Got to talk to my NerdSeq (isn't that stable when you just throw random stuff at it)
  • Wrote some python code to send MIDI messages
  • Found out about sendMIDI and recieveMIDI, two very UNIX MIDI commandline tools


  • Install the MIDI stuff on a RasPi
  • Connect and configure audio and video on the RasPi
  • Install and program the workflow stuff
  • Make a wilder patch
  • (Optional: Getting the Sega Controller stuff done)


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