rC3 Lounge Experience

Grab the starter kits and run. Maybe do something semi-useful later.


Thinking about upcoming Halloween as well as rC3. Also, kinda miss partying.

Short-term, I guess we mainly need a controller for a bunch of RGB LEDs around our goggles, and this kit looks about as good as any board we can get hold of. Also got some other fancy masquing and costume concepts flying about that could do with some BT or LoRa addons, so there is fun to be had for sure.

Deadline is Halloween anyways.


👋 +41 44 500 5229
🌐 Open

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01.11.2020 09:57 ~ ganda1f

Results presented

31.10.2020 20:16 ~ ganda1f

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31.10.2020 14:50 ~ ganda1f

Published some code, made some people happy

31.10.2020 14:50 ~ ganda1f

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31.10.2020 14:49 ~ ganda1f

Event finished

31.10.2020 14:30

Calling all lounge lizards ! 🦎

30.10.2020 11:02 ~ loleg

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25.10.2020 00:37 ~ ganda1f

Joined the team

24.10.2020 22:52 ~ ganda1f

Challenge posted

24.10.2020 22:52 ~ ganda1f

Event started

23.10.2020 15:00
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