lotaipan node prototype / LoRaSound
Open challenge

We are a small start-up that develops a tiny LoRa-node and use our prototype to create sound from LoRa sensor data.

Our small startup called lotaipan is creating a tiny open hardware LoRa-Node.

Our development board optimized for deep sleep that will hopefully enable you to prototype and deploy a fully working LoRaWAN node in one afternoon.

The first version will include an open source modem. It can be programmed in C and flashed through USB.

We are aiming to develop an open platform that can be extended to support other languages, such as JavaScript for microcontrollers.

If you want to become a beta tester or receive news about our board, please sign up here: lotaipan landing page.

Our goal during the hackathon was to play around with our prototype together with Martin from and see if we could sonify LoRaWan sensor data. We were able to port enzien audio's software to a small embedded system, the LoRaWAN integration is nearly done :-)

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