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Bleep as a Service

Exploring ways to bring sound to the people

Breathe! on LoRaWAN

Make our open device able to stream its data with TTN.

Enkel as a Service

Unsere ältesten und jüngsten Gesellschaftsmitglieder miteinander verbinden

Graffiti Honeypot

Monitor graffiti prone area and report activity.

Granny's Safe

Granny's Safe is a privacy-concerned, passive, IoT system that detects when Granny has fallen

have a seat.

Collect data of public chairs, how they are used, how often, on what time, at which position (sun, shadow)


Thermal camera to detect person laying down on the floor + responsive pavement on the free available space of the floor

Max Mayr & Seonbin Kim

Documentation Max Mayr, Seonbin Kim


Detachable wearable sensor for detecting falls

rC3 Lounge Experience

Grab the starter kits and run. Maybe do something semi-useful later.

Smart wäscherei

Detect usage and availability of washing machines

Velo Parkli

Where can I park my bike? Let's use the ultrasonic distance sensor to monitor the bike racks! :)


Open Municipal Hardware

We'll try to prototype a smart cap for a hydrant plug, that detects when it's removed.

Green IoT space

Detecting of usage of green spaces

Move The Chair

Breathe Fit

Use air pollution sensors together with sport activity tracking.

Old People Alert System (OPAS)

This team is not participating anymore.

Purge da Tub


Commercially viable Swiss Ai built Corona Scanning Camera ready for production