Bicycle commuter

Dive into the pulse of the city and track/map/visualize bicycle commuters using low cost sensors and open data to calibrate your measurements.

Provided by Tiefbauamt Zürich

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Bicycle tracking

Discover ways to track and prevent theft of bikes and e-bikes using LoRaWAN networks.

Provided by M-Way and ewz

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City gardens

Explore and monitor allotment gardens (Schrebergärten) and other green spaces in the city through technology.

Provided by Grün Stadt Zürich and The Things Network Community

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Environmental exploration

Explore innovative options to monitor the environment, air quality and pollution; and to leverage civic engagement to gather environmental data.

Provided by Umwelt- und Gesundheitsschutz

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Groundwater meter

Explore new ways to gather measurements of groundwater level on the ewz heat pump systems.

Provided by ewz

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Nightlife noise

Nightlife and its noise are highly contentious topics in our city. With civic tech and LoRaWAN we could gather and publish open data to allow to objectively quantify noise levels in nightlife areas.

Provided by Sicherheitsdepartement Stadt Zürich

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Open challenge

If you don’t feel like building any of the other challenges, you are free to combine elements of each to create innovative solutions for the city - kickstarted by you!

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