Quick sketch of something we decided to throw together in the last hours

4 months ago ~ loleg

Forming a database from the event stream (https://www.thethingsindustries.com/docs/the-things-stack/interact/api/) and tryng to make the message content actually be useful.

4 months ago ~ derrickoswald

First light! The messages can be received with sample Python code. Now, it's a matter of making the ChatBot understand it.

4 months ago ~ derrickoswald
  1. Definition of MVP: camera reads value, consumption compared to type of house, output shown as smiley
  2. currently stuck on camera. We tried several, but none worked out so far (with circuitpython). Hope lies on the groove vision ai camera.
4 months ago ~ 2ni

The story of smart fountains! TBC

4 months ago ~ thorsten_ulbricht

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