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All your hack are belong to us.

This is an open source project board designed for splendid collaboration. On this site we collect and showcase all projects from a hackathon event in one place.

The name is an amalgam of Driven By Data: we started this platform to help hackathon teams sustain their efforts, streamline things for the organisers, and let everyone focus on driving their ideas forward instead of managing IT.


On the front page you can see the upcoming event, as well as any previous events. A short description is followed by a link to the event home page, as well as a countdown of time remaining until the start or finish (if already started) of the hackathon.

The Projects, Challenges and Resources are shown on the event home page. Here you can learn about topics, datasets, and any other information the organisers have provided. Once the event has started, and you have formed a team, you can login and Start a project.


When documenting a project, you can use Markdown formatting in the Description, as well as several customisation options, like an icon, color and image, that appear after you create a project and then try to edit it. You will also be able to update your progress level. Any team members can subscribe to the project once you have started it. Their public profile will then be linked to it, and they will also be able to make changes to the project data.

Just click the Join button at the top of your project page to do this.

It is also possible to publish your project in an open source community site. If you start a project on GitHub, Bitbucket or DokuWiki, you can quickly and easily sync it's details here by entering an Autofill link and enabling "auto-update".

You will then find a Sync button at the bottom of your project page for quickly pulling in changes.

We encourage participants to state their needs and roadblocks using this tool. At the bottom of each project page (if your administrator has set it up), you will be able to make announcements on social platforms. By updating your project status, you can communicate how far along you are in development, and hackathon organisers can better channel their efforts to support you through the project dashboard.

Need more help? Get in touch with the organising team using the Community link above, or ask in the School of Data forum.

For organisers

All of the content on the site, including presentation of the header, can be edited by the site administrator in the Admin menu linked in the header if you have access: from where you can edit general details under Events, publish Categories, and edit or sync Projects and Challenges (which are either a Category, or just a project in challenge status).

If you would like to use this platform for your event, contact the organisers of the events listed here and they should be able to help you - or just fork the open source project and set it up to your liking:

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