Smart wäscherei

Detect usage and availability of washing machines

In this project we aim to detect when a washing machine is in use and when it becomes available for people to use it.

We will use the provided Arduino Nano 33 which integrates an Accelerometer capable of measuring the vibration of the washing machine when it's working.

When the machine becomes available/unavailable, the Arduino will update the state sending a Lora message to The Things Network.

A mobile app will synchronize with the cloud and display to the user the availability of the machine.

This app can also be used to book the machine.

If we have enough time we could measure several machines and communicate the different sensors via BLE to a Master Arduino which will be responsible of sending the status of all machines to The Things Network

Todo List:

  • Allow users to book timeslots of the machine from the App

  • Use several Arduino 33 sensors to detect more than one machine. Communicate with a Master Arduino via BLE to transmit the Machine status

  • Finish the presentation of the project

Completed Tasks:

  • Try vibration sensor provided in the kit.

  • Attach the Arduino Nano to a washing machine and measure data

  • Analyze data and check feasibility of the accelerometer to detect when the machine is working

  • Make an App that gets the data from The Things Network and shows the user the availability of the washing machine.

  • Make an algorithm that determines if the machine is ON or OFF from the sensor data

  • Send the machine status to The things Network using the Lora module

-Make a video explaining the Project and the different steps involved.

-Design the App UI/UX

  • Session of User Testing

  • Make a presentation video of the app

  • Detailed UX Research (Interviews, User Persona, User Journey Map)

31.10.2020 14:30

Hackathon finished

31.10.2020 08:56


Worked on by Maryna Mottet

30.10.2020 19:34

Progress made

All modules working together. The app can monitor the usage of machines in real time

-- isaac_alonso

30.10.2020 19:31


Worked on by isaac_alonso

29.10.2020 12:44

Progress made

App prototype is correctly getting data from ThingsSpeak and updating machine status

-- isaac_alonso

29.10.2020 12:43


Worked on by isaac_alonso

27.10.2020 23:00

Progress made

Data from sensors analyzed. The accelerometer from the Arduino Nano 33 is a feasible sensor to detect machine usage.

-- isaac_alonso

27.10.2020 22:58


Worked on by isaac_alonso

26.10.2020 13:21

Team forming

Maryna Mottet has joined

25.10.2020 21:07


Worked on by isaac_alonso

24.10.2020 17:53

Team forming

gonzalocasas has joined

24.10.2020 17:52

Team forming

isaac_alonso has joined

24.10.2020 17:52

Project started

Initialized by isaac_alonso

23.10.2020 15:00

Hackathon started


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