have a seat.

Collect data of public chairs, how they are used, how often, on what time, at which position (sun, shadow)

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Goal of the challenge #moveandchill of 2020

Proof of concept based on the Arduino Nano BLE 33 to measure how public chairs are used in the city of Zurich during the #makezurich hackathon.

It is an implementation of the #moveandchill challenge.

See the RESULTS for a summary of the achievements.



git submodule update --init --recursive

Resources and ideas

Things to do

  • [X] 1st connection of arduino nano 33
  • [X] build arduino library to commuincate with murata module
  • [X] occupancy detection of a chair
    • [X] infrared
    • [X] flexbend (quadratic)
    • [X] strain gauge / load cell with HX711
  • [X] function to check if chair in the sun or not
  • [X] measure duration of occupancy
  • [X] send data to ttn
  • [X] pass data to some db which is publicly available
  • [ ] detect position of chair

Manual fix about attachInterrupt only calling one

  • see this patch
  • fixed in this file: ~/.platformio/packages/framework-arduino-nrf52-mbedos/cores/arduino/Interrupts.cpp

Inital setup calls I did to set things up (platformio)

pio project init --board nano33ble
pio lib install 6590 # hts221 (temperature, humidity) 
pio lib install 6591 # lps22hb (barometric pressure)
pio lib install 6589 # lsm9ds3 (9-axis imu)
pio lib install 6616 # light APDS9960
pyenv virtualenv 3.7.8 chair
pyenv local chair
cd lib; git submodule  add
31.10.2020 14:30

Hackathon finished

31.10.2020 13:20


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31.10.2020 13:20

Progress made

A prototype on the breadboard has been implemented. No designs yet of data visualisation or product case or alike.

-- 2ni

31.10.2020 08:41


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24.10.2020 08:44


Worked on by 2ni

23.10.2020 18:40

Team forming

matteo_pacher has joined

23.10.2020 18:06

Team forming

2ni has joined

23.10.2020 18:06

Project started

Initialized by 2ni

23.10.2020 15:00

Hackathon started


Help us to improve knowledge by measuring the utilization of movable chairs in the city.

Join the conversation on Slack: #moveandchill channel

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