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Publishing TTN applications as open data

By sharing device information from the community, we would like to see some aggregate data about the use of nodes at the hackathon. We asked several teams at Make Zurich to share their applications on The Things Network to let us, in a safe way and without interfering with their projects, plot the overall activity data from all devices - and make a rudimentary analysis at least only based on timestamps. Furthermore, we started a discussion about the potential of integrating their Swagger-based API with Data Packages.

See also: aggregating analytics from Make Zurich (


Four teams - ttn-soundlevel, MoBiFloC, Bicycle tracking and silencr - have sent us (via private message) their keys (THANK YOU!), the collected snapshot was converted using csv-kit and aggregated in a LibreOffice spreadsheet. Download a copy.

We made a visualisation of the result:

Using this R code:


## read data
dat <- read.csv("allthethings1.csv")

## normalize the measurements per project
dat$value <- as.numeric(as.character(dat$value))
dat$value_normalized <- ddply(dat, .variables = .(device_id), 
                              .fun = function(x) scale(x$value))[, 2]

## time
dat$t <- as.POSIXlt(strptime(dat$time, "%FT%T"))

## plot
ggplot(dat, aes(x = t, y = value_normalized, color = device_id)) + 
  geom_point() +


How to

  • Add and enable a Data Storage integration (this is optional, but recommended)

  • Go to Settings > Access keys > Add an access key, give it a name (e.g. "opendata"), leave the default options

  • Go to back to the Overview, scroll to the bottom, and copy the newly created key

  • Note down the Access Key and Application ID (e.g. in the screenshot above, "makezurich-open")

  • Treat yourself to a sandwich :-)
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